KluitNET - ArtNet for PowerPoint - DMX control your PowerPoint Presentation

The ArtNet for PowerPoint addon allows you to control any PowerPoint Presentation using the ArtNet DMX Protocol.
Artnet is a protocol that enables DMX over ethernet and Wifi connection. Now you can embed theater backgrounds, slides, videos or other PowerPoint elements easy into your Programmed Light Show.

ArtNet for PowerPoint

Use this AddIn for PowerPoint to Remote Control your PowerPoint presentation using your ARTNET capable Lightdesk.

  • Works with any ArtNet Capable Lightdesk
  • Intergrates with Office 2013 and later versions running on Windows 7 or later
  • Configuration is embedded into Presentation PPTX File
  • Head-definition for Chamsys MagicQ is included in the MagicQ installation package
  • Head-definition for Avolites is available from https://personalities.avolites.com/?mainPage=Main.asp&ID=6855
ArtNet DMX assignment

Channel 1: Dimmer

0-255: Dimmer Level

Channel 2: Control

0: No action
1-24: If presenting: Allow transition (Channel 3)
25-49: If not presenting: Start show in configured presenter mode
50-74: If presenting: Stop show and exit presenter mode
75-99: If presenting: Show black screen
100-124: If presenting: Next
125-149: If presenting: Previous
150-154: If not presenting: Start show in one screen view
155-159: If not presenting: Start show in 'Presenter Mode' view
160-255: Reserved - Future assignment, do not use

Channel 3: Slide

0: No Action
1-255: Navigate to Slide Slide


Note about using the 'Next' or 'Previous' Controls on Channel 2 or Slide Index on Channel 3. These commands will be remembered and if the value does not change they will be executed once.

For example when using the 'Next' feature:

  • Send 100 on Channel 2: Next Slide is Shown
  • Send 100 on Channel 2: No Change
  • Send 0 on Channel 2: No Action
  • Send 100 on Channel 2: Next Slide is Shown
Obtaining ArtNet for Powerpoint

Demo version: Download ArtnetForPowerPoint.exe - the demo version is fully functional for 30 minutes after each PowerPoint startup.

For a License contact me at: ArtNet(ignorethis)@kluit(dot)net