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KluitNet - Theater Productions

Roeland Kluit has created Light-Designs and operated many Theater shows. The photos below provide an impression on some of the Shows where KluitNet Theater Productions where involved.

If you want to have more information about previous or future shows. Please contact us.

We operate lightshows using Chamsys MagicQ

Leaf dropping Rose - Stichting MÉT - Beauty and the Beast

In collaboration with Eric Hos

The Rose is also available for rental.

Marijke Meems - Ik blijf liever zwemmen dan dat ik een keuze maak

Amersical - Contact @dvertisment (Contact @dvertentie)

Amersical - The Wizzard of Ozz

Lily Mol - Lost and Found

Amersical - Chicago (Al die Jazz)

Amersical - Pirates (Piratendames van Kaptein Bree)

Amersical - Flight (Vlucht)

Paljas - Commedia dell'arte

Amersical - Conform

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